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The chat pages were set up to be meeting places for ham radio operators either while on the air (skeds and Dxing) or off the air just to be among friends.

If you are looking for 6 Meter Chat, Lowband Chat and VHF/UHF Europe Chat, please visit Alain, ON4KST's Chat Pages HERE
. He has alot of great tools and add ons.  Heck, I'm probably there right now HI

NZ3M's  pages are for those looking for...
General BS
LOTW Skeds
Satellite Chat & Skeds
VHF and Meteor Scatter Chat in North America
HF and Digital Chat & Skeds
The 6 Meter Room here is merely a backup so the 6m guys never get lost again.  Many of you know what I mean.

Note: These chats do not show previous messages upon entering rooms.  You will only see messages from the time you entered.

A basic rule about online skeds

Never talk about a sked in progress before it is finished.  Make the sked, start the sked, but don't talk about the contact anymore until it is complete.  If you do talk about it before it is complete, the contact is a bust.  Each station needs both calls and a report.  This is acknowledged with "roger" or RRR's.  Once that is established, you can then post the results "tnx for contact!" etc.

Now, let's GO to the chat
Amateur Radio Chats